Software and electrical equipment

Medical devices are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives; while a few decades ago not even the existence of a home blood pressure monitor was natural for everyone in the Western world, our watches and smartphones today are able to collect health data to detect or prevent a heart attack. E-medicine is becoming more widely accepted and used, and we, as a consulting company, need to respond to these changes. Companies that manufacture such devices will face numerous challenges, whether it is the design, development, or validation of an electrical diagnostic device or the related software.

Although many of these products have become ‘everyday’ tools, the requirements placed on them are often very complex, ranging across sectors, and thus the compilation of their technical documentation may require the involvement of more experts than usual.

Our company and our partners are currently working on documentations for diagnostic devices and related software; from electrical safety standard tests, firmware, software and biocompatibility verification to clinical investigation planning and clinical compliance validation; tasks which allow us to encounter the challenges posed by this area directly.