About us

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In 2016, CEMDS Ltd. was established to provide a complete service platform for medical device and in vitro diagnostic device manufacturers, from designation to certification, and support them throughout their product’s life cycle in the market.
Our company is determined to provide such quality of service that meets the requirements of the sponsor, the requirements of domestic and EU legislation, and above all, the needs of the end-users: the patients themselves, in all circumstances.
Our employees are constantly training themselves to implement every project with the most up-to-date knowledge, and therefore, aspiring to provide the highest quality of service.
We are convinced that the intention of legislators with the preparation of renewed regulation (MDR) was to promote the production of even more professional, scientifically unchallengeable medical devices, therefore, our aim is to reflect this attitude in the documents entrusted to us. At the same time, thanks to the youthfulness of our team, we strive for flexible implementation according to our client’s needs.